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Animal Care Facility Design and Programming

Equipment Design and Fit Plan

Animal Care Facility Design and Programming
AJB has over 30 years of experience in design and operations of animal care facilities.  During that time, AJB created animal facilities with the combined space of over 500,000 sq. ft. to house all types of rodents, and assorted species (goats, gerbils, monkeys, chickens, rabbits, swine, etc.). We support the design and SOPs for  ACF facilities with vented racks, surgeries, and support spaces, as well as guiding them throughout the validation and accreditation process. We can design rooms with special sound, light and vibration controls. Many other smaller rodent units we can program with two to six racks, cage wash and procedural rooms, vented racks (e.g.,disposable caging racks and non-disposable systems), surgery and support space.  On many jobs we act as the procurement agent on behalf of our clients for all of the new or used equipment (cage washer, animal rack caging, etc.).

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