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Arthur J. Brunelle

AJB Consultants, Inc., President Emeritus and Founder

Arthur J Brunelle
While I was Director of Facilities and Operations at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, I ensured the effective operation and growth of all MPI facilities (million and a half in total), including managing the strategic design and construction of the new 200,000 square foot corporate headquarters; a combination lab and office space. The project was completed in a record 15 months and was very successful. It featured exactly the correct mix of labs and offices for a rapidly growing biotech firm. Additionally, I played a major role in the strategic planning of the companies’ operations.

My experience led me to establish my company AJB Consultants, Inc. As “clients’ reps,” we guide management teams in the biotechnology industry through the process of planning a facility by identifying critical core requirements necessary to build our client’s business. We work with many design and construction professionals on behalf of our clients. We provide our clients with tactical advice, and programming information in order to engage in discussions related to the selection, design, construction and expansion and/or relocation of their facility. Our services include design criteria, programming, equipment requirements, budget review, lease analysis, and move management.

Our clients range in size from 6 bench chemists seeking an 8,000 sq. ft. lab (half lab/half office) all the way up to a 100,000 sq. ft. fit out. We completed a 100,000 square foot expansion of the Sanofi-Aventis Boston Hub research facilities. AJB Consultants provided the programming and placement of all new and relocated equipment for existing facilities throughout the east coast region. In addition, we worked to ensure that equipment was laid out per design specifications in labs by organizing move quotes, managing the move, and the re-installation and start-up of equipment in the new lab.

AJB Consultants initiate the facility design of animal care facilities (ACF) and assist in the development of the SOPs to run the facilities correctly. For example, we built an ACF facility with 40 vented racks, surgery, and support space as well as guiding our clients through the validation and accreditation process. Working with our clients, we help ensure compliance with all state and federal regulatory agencies (OSHA, DEP, PHS, and AAALAC).

When I was at MPI, I designed, built and operated 5 animal facilities that collectively housed over 50,000 animals. During my years at Charles River corporate headquarters of New England, I was responsible for the implementation and administration of numerous FDA certified animal facilities, including the projects that designed operations that would improve efficiencies, energy conservation efforts, and safety programs.

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