AJB Consultants


Ayni N. Strang

V.P. Program Operations

Ayni N Strang
I understand the physical plant and its relationship to the needs of an evolving laboratory. My partnering with the scientific staff and life science engineers and constructors results in useful and technologically sound lab space. I understand engineering plans (e.g., HVAC, MEP, and security), lab equipment designs and project cost for budget forecasting. Most importantly, I take into account the anxiety scientists may have in getting their needs met. On behalf of our clients, I work with the design team on space planning needs for the build-out of laboratory, server room, and office space with landlord and construction company.  I negotiate and manage vendor relationships with all purchasing, laboratory specialty technical subcontractors, security, audio-visual, IT, and data infrastructure vendors.  I can manage laboratory move (development and radiation labs) upon client request. Post construction, on behalf of our client scientists can arrange for all calibration, certification, and repair subcontractors for lab equipment.

updated: 5 years ago