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CNGConsulting - Animal Care Management

Animal Care Operations Management

CNGConsulting - Animal Care Management
About CNGConsulting  
CNGconsulting specializes in the management, planning, and design of research-related animal care and use facilities for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries, offering unparalleled expertise in: site selection and facility design; streamlining animal facility management; review of programmatic, training, and AAALAC procedures; and resource capitalization.  Let me put 30+ years of experience at top pharma/biopharmaceutical companies and academic institutions in Boston and England to work for you.

Services Provided:
  • Animal Facility Design
  • Animal Facility & Infrastructure Review (AAALAC)
  • Vivarium Space Utilization & Efficiency evaluations
  • Program Implementation & Review
  • Staffing Evaluations and Hiring Options
  • Vendor/Consulting Options and Selections

C. Nicholas Guise
Cell: 978-973-3798

updated: 5 years ago